by blue lotus

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t.w. - guitar/vocals/mixing
e.a.v. - drums/keyboards/vocals

recorded in aug-oct '15 in abbotsford and toronto
with special thanks to our friends + housemates
tapes (we made 25) released in-person in the prairies on
january 7th, 2016 - now unavailable.
blue lotus mmxv


released December 27, 2015



all rights reserved


blue lotus Calgary, Alberta

canadian screamo constellation

full-length out
mid 2017

come find us

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Track Name: yvan eht nioj
nothing left to say
i was left beating
a cold mattress into floorboards
you say you miss me
as if i were only
a ghastly figure
it was more concrete than that
stood in your basement
softly kissing limbs
an empty room
bandaged tightly
like the night I know
infected hands
realized indifference
a heart left beating
torn out of my chest
Track Name: trab pu kcip
I need plastic frames to view the world,
and I need smeared pangs of prescription glass to see myself.
the sensory information congeals in my brain,
dry heat, parched grass and splintered bark.
I see those thoughts like I see writing on a wall.
They say no matter how closely you hold on,
the atoms of two objects never meet.
you're never really touching anything at all.
Track Name: leo the goat survived
when beauty was melting away from our actions
and our tires on the t.c. west were gaining traction
and way back in chamberlain, the joyous choir
sang "leo the goat survived the rock creek fire"

and it never really mattered at all what we say
as we drove through the glaring heat on the smashed-out freeway
and up from smoldering pines, the smoke rose higher
but leo the goat survived the rock creek fire

we've tried our best to change what we've been given
but my friends, we are burning down the world we live in
and when masks and water reign from the mighty spire
we'll sing "leo the goat survived the rock creek fire"